Just Average Day

This machine is loud. Must be a Harley, Panir thought in his half-sleep-half-awake state. He lives in a single room above a restaurant. This type of rooms are cheap. But the bad thing is this room is just beside a busy road.

It’s 7:48 am. Panir lifted his eyelids to see the time. Damn. I can still sleep for 12 more minutes, his thoughts keep running. Panir hates this feeling, when you know you have time to sleep some more and you are awake before time. Nothing happens before time with him. Buses never come before time when he is waiting at bus stop. His class teacher never leaves the class before time. It happens only with his sleep. He always wakes up few minutes before 8 o’clock, his regular wake up time.

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How to Make Girlfriend?

Disclaimer: This post is written for guys. Girls can also try. Results may vary.

World famous Bengali scientist Dr. GU Dey is the author of the best-seller book-  Human Emotions: Love, Sex and everything unimportant. He has done profound study on the science behind male and female outlook over ‘which one is more important: love or sex?’ Today he will enlighten those poor souls who wish to have girlfriends but can’t afford one and then pretend that ‘oh I’m not into love, I’m into sex’ kind of guys.

There are many articles on how to get a girlfriend or how to find a girlfriend but what they are saying is approach girls, be confident, be witty, be attractive etc. But where is the how to be confident or how to be witty post? We understand that any man who has all these calibers will never need to read such thing. Here is the solution you have been looking for so long. These steps don’t require you to be attractive or witty. This is the secret mantra behind every Tom, Dick and Hairy getting a girlfriend and not you. Now even you can get girlfriend by just following these easy steps. Yes you can.

Step: 1

First choose your niche. What kind of girl you will be good at? Various types of niches are- 1. Bomb-shell, 2. Hot, 3. Sexy, 4. Sweet, 5.Cute, 6.blonde dumb, 7.Studious, 8.Orthodox, 9. atleast she’s a girl etc. etc.

So choose wisely. Don’t choose anything you dream to be good at- be truthful to yourself. Ask yourself how much do you worth? This will help you decide which niche you should follow. Although there are many different types of girls yet all of them follow the same protocol.

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