Types of Friends

[Disclaimer: This post is not about friendship. It’s about friends. All types mentioned in this post are of friends and they are not discriminated on your level of friendship. Rather it is about different kinds of friends that you make in due course of time in your life. If anyone is offended by anything mentioned here then they are requested to mention it as comments. I will remove/edit that section accordingly.]

A friend is defined as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.”

This definition is fine but another definition says a friend is “a person who is not hostile.”

It is like saying “I’m in North Pole because I’m not in South Pole.” Almost no one in this world is hostile to me (okey, except for those rickshaw drivers who deliberately try to kiss my car with their metal lips every time they pass by me), but that doesn’t mean that everyone is my friend. And I am pretty sure that our milkman in Calcutta was not hostile to us. He never mixed rat poison or phenyl in the milk, he just mixed water everyday. But that certainly doesn’t make him my friend.

A great philosopher once said “Friends are like bras: close to your heart and always there for support. But if you get the wrong one they will only induce irritation and pain.”

So you have to be careful while choosing your bra friend. Knowing different types of friends that exists will help you decide whom and when to take an acquaintance to the next level of friendship.

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tête-à-tête with St. Valentine

Every year the fourteenth day of February is celebrated as the Valentine’s Day. On this day couples express their love for each other by presenting flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, chloro-mints (gifted to those with bad breaths) etc.

I approached the man behind this auspicious day for lovers, fund-raising day for gift shop owners and agonizing day for the rest.

Saint Valentine was a great martyr who sacrificed his life for uniting young lovers. Though we all know about Valentine’s Day but very few know about St. Valentine. A lot has changed since he died. Let’s try to know how he feels ’bout twenty-first century Valentine’s Day.

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I Have a Dream

In October ’09  actor Rahul Bose gave this amazing speech at an engineering college. Rahul Bose is an actor, captain of the Indian National Rugby Team, a social activist and founder of a NGO. I liked his dreams. It was a compilation of wishes which every responsible human being has deep down his heart. Rahul pointed out that in the college everyone has 80 percent idealism and 20 percent responsibility while as one moves out of college it is 80 percent responsibility and 20 percent idealism.

I also have dreams. But I ain’t no NGO founder or national rugby player or even an accomplished actor. In fact I have no accomplishments. So my dreams are a bit different from his.

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What Are You Wearing?

This is the most frequently asked question over phone to the girlfriends. But why what are you wearing, why not something else? How come everybody is asking the same question? How do they know when to ask, whom to ask?

There is a Bengali proverb which goes as-

Ducklings need not to learn swimming.

I find this very apt in this context. If you are a female older than 18 then you must have come across this question- What are you wearing now? And guys- you might not even remember how many times you asked this. (For a few more skillful guys they might not even be able to count how many girls they asked it!) What I find interesting here is that nobody had actually ever told these boys about this particular question but somehow all of them figure it out by them self in due time. It’s almost like those ducklings who somehow know exactly how to swim the moment they are born, while humans with a much bigger brain size find it difficult and absolutely nobody is born with the ability to swim on the first time they get into water. Apparently swimming is in their genes and so duckling need not to be taught anymore.

So the question is how is everybody asking the same question? and what blows me away is- why do girls answer this question? Girls see it coming. Yet they let it happen. (Guys, let me tell you something- if you think that you can outsmart the girl with your perfectly timed questions then you are in fool’s paradise. Girls always know what they are saying. Most probably she has deceived you with her simple-minded, talkative girl appearance. Just think- of all those infinite sentences she told to you last night- how many really had any information in them?)

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1st p(h)art…

I always feel like writing blog, every other day my mind thinks of the Best Blog Title .com and a whole new genre of ‘very less/never discussed topic of blogging’. But the moment I sit to write something- nothing seems to be the perfect first entry. 😦

I keep reading RSS of ‘how to write your blog?’ to ’15 ways to keep getting traffic to your blog’… but it still doesn’t help. ftw! I am here at last writing my 1st post and now I don’t give a damn ’bout how it turns out. whether its catchy enough or not? whether the title says it all but hides enough to maintain interest? I really don give a fuck! You know something- you can be a lot more creative than usual, once you can come out of ‘what will others think?’ stigma. Atleast thats what i’m feeling right now and see here is my 1st blog entry in progress… 😉

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