Nonsense of Humor

1:30 pm. Hot summer mid-day. I am sitting in the waiting room of a private clinic. I don’t have any appointment neither do I need to visit any doctor. I was looking for a cool place to rest and these private clinics are usually a good bet for that. Air-conditioned, comfy seats and the best thing is nobody ever asks you a question. This room is almost empty except an old man, most probably in his 70s, who is sitting in the other corner. My plan is to chill for some more, then pretend like ‘Oh shit! I forgot to lock my car’ and quietly sneak away. I tried this twice before and till date I have hundred percent success rate.

A young girl walked in. White top and skinny blue jeans. If anybody ever makes a list of most clichéd outfit in the world then white shirt and blue jeans will certainly top the list. But the good thing about it is- it never goes out of fashion. Anyway I should not be commenting on fashion, my fashion sense is only as good as Uncle Scrooge (pic) who considers wearing a coat is more fashionable than wearing a pant.

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tête-à-tête with St. Valentine

Every year the fourteenth day of February is celebrated as the Valentine’s Day. On this day couples express their love for each other by presenting flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, chloro-mints (gifted to those with bad breaths) etc.

I approached the man behind this auspicious day for lovers, fund-raising day for gift shop owners and agonizing day for the rest.

Saint Valentine was a great martyr who sacrificed his life for uniting young lovers. Though we all know about Valentine’s Day but very few know about St. Valentine. A lot has changed since he died. Let’s try to know how he feels ’bout twenty-first century Valentine’s Day.

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The Boiled Egg Paradox

When we hear the word egg, first thing that comes in our mind is a nice egg fry with an intact yolk. It is a vital part of our daily consumption. We take egg in so many ways. From bread toast to ice cream dessert- it’s all egg. But there is an antipathy towards it. Why people throw eggs when they are disgusted? (Vegemite jars makes so much better choice.)

Wikipedia has a slightly different view of egg. Even internet search results of ‘egg’ show a deliberate repugnance towards it. Wikipedia says-

an egg (Latin, ovum) is the zygote, resulting from fertilization of the ovum.

What could be a more disgusting way to describe an egg? Our perception of egg is a lot different from any of its online definitions. Wiki was not done. Its other descriptions are

Strange enough none of them acknowledge egg as food. With more and more new technology and food processing techniques coming up everyday, ultimate consumers are becoming less and less aware of their food’s origin.

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I Have a Dream

In October ’09  actor Rahul Bose gave this amazing speech at an engineering college. Rahul Bose is an actor, captain of the Indian National Rugby Team, a social activist and founder of a NGO. I liked his dreams. It was a compilation of wishes which every responsible human being has deep down his heart. Rahul pointed out that in the college everyone has 80 percent idealism and 20 percent responsibility while as one moves out of college it is 80 percent responsibility and 20 percent idealism.

I also have dreams. But I ain’t no NGO founder or national rugby player or even an accomplished actor. In fact I have no accomplishments. So my dreams are a bit different from his.

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