Types of Friends

[Disclaimer: This post is not about friendship. It’s about friends. All types mentioned in this post are of friends and they are not discriminated on your level of friendship. Rather it is about different kinds of friends that you make in due course of time in your life. If anyone is offended by anything mentioned here then they are requested to mention it as comments. I will remove/edit that section accordingly.]

A friend is defined as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.”

This definition is fine but another definition says a friend is “a person who is not hostile.”

It is like saying “I’m in North Pole because I’m not in South Pole.” Almost no one in this world is hostile to me (okey, except for those rickshaw drivers who deliberately try to kiss my car with their metal lips every time they pass by me), but that doesn’t mean that everyone is my friend. And I am pretty sure that our milkman in Calcutta was not hostile to us. He never mixed rat poison or phenyl in the milk, he just mixed water everyday. But that certainly doesn’t make him my friend.

A great philosopher once said “Friends are like bras: close to your heart and always there for support. But if you get the wrong one they will only induce irritation and pain.”

So you have to be careful while choosing your bra friend. Knowing different types of friends that exists will help you decide whom and when to take an acquaintance to the next level of friendship.

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