The Writer:

A living legend of English blog-sphere. He is an epitome of awesomeness for over twenty three years now. Once a student in a missionary school in India, then a researcher in Australia and now a blogger. He is as multi-talented as a circus monkey. His popularity among female folks needs a special mention here. Almost cent percent of his regular readers are females (which incidentally consists of only two people) and coincidentally one of them is his girlfriend and the other is his ex-girlfriend.

He is awarded with the prestigious ‘blogadda’ award and numerous other self-applauding fellowship and recognitions which are now considered to be at par with Nobel Prize (thanks to Obama).

His writing has an universal appeal. An appeal so universal that many of his life threatening calls come from various extra terrestrials. But he is a man of a strong heart and stronger lungs. Most of his creations are illegitimate children of his fertile mind and green grass that he smokes occasionally.

He believes that he was born on Earth just to take a break from his eternal stay at Heaven. In his words, I quote- “Apparently I might be the CEO of  GOD-land. Since the day i’m born, the earth’s been a complete chaos. With every passing day it’s getting more obvious that I was the one who was controlling it all. As I am on vacation now everybody is going nuts. How else would you explain the disdain of a talent like me!”

Thus Thou Said:

  • I am here on vacation so let me relax. Don’t make me do anything.
  • I am born to employ others not to get employed by others. (Note: He has worked as a salesman in an electronics shop, kitchen-hand in an Indian restaurant and daily-laborer in a roof insulation company etc.)
  • A successful Dad is a person who can leave enough wealth for his son such that even if he spends money like there’s no tomorrow- he will finish up his lifetime still can’t finish up the money.
  • Studies are traps. You should be able to refrain yourself from such traps. You can’t take your degrees with you into the grave. So why bother?
  • To work without attachment is to work without the expectation of reward or fear of any punishment in this world or the next. Work so done is a means to the end, and God is the end. So never feel bad when you fail in exams because you studied nothing.
  • When the divine vision is attained, all appear equal; and there remains no distinction of good and bad, or of high and low. And hence someone who gets lowest marks is as good as the first boy.

As of now he is doing post-graduate studies in engineering at University of Melbourne, Australia. An engineer by choice and worthless by destiny. He can be found most of the times, either in the University Laboratory or in his tiny room above a Chinese take away restaurant.

You can contact him at:

email: mail2desininja@gmail.com

twitter: http://twitter.com/DesiNinja

[Warning: Contents of this blog should not be taken seriously. I would write everything that is unimportant in life. Everybody else is blogging ’bout all possible important topics. Isn’t it?]


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Surubhi Chowdhry says:

    That was some introduction….am still reeling from the shock of the opening lines. And as you said, I’m not taking any of this seriously 😛

  2. Haahaahaa.. CEO of GOD-land it seems!! 😀
    You’re really witty; loved this one! 🙂
    “an epitome of awesomeness for over twenty three years now.”
    That was total Barney style! 😉

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