Just Average Day

This machine is loud. Must be a Harley, Panir thought in his half-sleep-half-awake state. He lives in a single room above a restaurant. This type of rooms are cheap. But the bad thing is this room is just beside a busy road.

It’s 7:48 am. Panir lifted his eyelids to see the time. Damn. I can still sleep for 12 more minutes, his thoughts keep running. Panir hates this feeling, when you know you have time to sleep some more and you are awake before time. Nothing happens before time with him. Buses never come before time when he is waiting at bus stop. His class teacher never leaves the class before time. It happens only with his sleep. He always wakes up few minutes before 8 o’clock, his regular wake up time.

He pressed some random buttons on his laptop. He keeps his laptop over the side table. It’s still switched on, in sleep mode. The screen flashed. Panir gave a quick look over his mail box. He has to do something in these 12 minutes.

‘You have 3 new massages’. Someone has commented on someone else’s photo in facebook. Then why is facebook sanding him this emails? Oh, I liked his photo, Panir recalled.

Panir rolled out of his bed. Went to bathroom. Brushed his teeth. Came back to bedroom and started to plan his day, sitting on easy chair by the big French-window.

Hi hon, Lina entered the room with two cups of coffee in her hands. She came near Panir and kissed him in cheeks. Panir took a cup in hands and smiled back to her.

She always looks beautiful in morning, Panir thinks in his mind and said, Good Morning.

Lina is doing her graduation in Media and Journalism. Their relationship will be one year old next month. After dating for eleven months and almost 100 movies, they decided to live together. They shifted to this house yesterday. It’s a small house with one bedroom, living, kitchen and a toilet. It doesn’t have a bathtub tough. But they have a big sliding wardrobe in bedroom. Panir didn’t like this house when he first came here for inspection. But it was in a convenient location for both him and Lina. So he convinced Lina  and now they are here.

Panir keeps staring at Lina. He loves this girl. Last evening she was so upset with him that she was not even talking to him and now she has made coffee for him! Like all her grudge is gone along with the night.

Panir said, You looking fab.

Thank you, Lina replied, You looking good too, hehehe.

Why are you laughing?

What now? You can’t even see me laughing? I’m not that bad.

Lina has started talking in her husky voice. It means she is in a good mood. When she speaks like this she sounds like those feline animals who keeps cuddling only to its owner. Panir hates this. Instead he said, Nothing like that baby. I was just curious.

Lina came towards him and sat on his lap.

Get ready, she is going to ask for some over-priced shit right now, Panir thinks while he wraps his arm around her abdomen and pulls her closer. Now he is holding Lina by one hand and the coffee cup by other. Drinking coffee won’t be that comfortable in this posture, a quick thought came to Panir’s mind.

Can you come early today. Lets go to beach, Lina Said

Now she has started talking in short and unrelated sentences. I mean, why I have to come early? It’s summer now. I’ll be back by 4 o’clock. We will still have time to hit beach. What is she trying to say? Lets go to beach at 12 noon!

Yeah sure, Panir said with a smile.

Oh you are so sweet. Lina gave him a tight hug and kissed him again.

Ta tat. Ta tat. Ta tat.

Alarm goes off. It’s 8:00 am. Panir opens his eyes and bangs it hard.

Did I imagine all those in just 12 minutes or was it a dream? Panir woke up with a confusion. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.


21 thoughts on “Just Average Day

  1. shkahmed says:

    Lolz … reading just few of your blogs .. have become ur fan ….

    Found some spelling mistakes in the Panir dream … 🙂

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