I Have a Dream

In October ’09  actor Rahul Bose gave this amazing speech at an engineering college. Rahul Bose is an actor, captain of the Indian National Rugby Team, a social activist and founder of a NGO. I liked his dreams. It was a compilation of wishes which every responsible human being has deep down his heart. Rahul pointed out that in the college everyone has 80 percent idealism and 20 percent responsibility while as one moves out of college it is 80 percent responsibility and 20 percent idealism.

I also have dreams. But I ain’t no NGO founder or national rugby player or even an accomplished actor. In fact I have no accomplishments. So my dreams are a bit different from his.

So this is my dream. I’m gonna tell you about my dream. My dream for myself- my dream for all of us. And whoever gets bored is free to leave. There is no problem.

I have a dream that all our public commutes will be scarcely filled all around the clock. That nobody will ever have his face shoved into the smelly armpit of the guy standing next to him- holding the overhead rail in the crowded bus or train- and stuck in that position for hours due to never-ending, long traffic jam. I have a dream that the train will not come on time only on the days when I get late. That nobody will ever get stuck on traffic jam on the very next day after lying to his boss about the same. I have a dream that nobody will ever have to worry about his 9 to 5 job and will never be questioned again when he reaches office 20 minutes late.

I have a dream that one day cigarettes and alcohol will stop damaging our lungs and livers. Junk food will be full of nutrition and still taste the same. Drinking six cans of beer will actually help in building six-pack abs. (Just think how amazing will that be!) Exercise will be proved to be harmful for your body and visiting gym will be considered as a crime.

I have a dream that no children will ever be tortured again in the name of exams. Instead there will be some electrode cap which will read his/her capabilities and will be assessed thereby. Sex-education would be a compulsory practical subject and provisions would be made to pursue this as higher education too.

I have a dream that I will date the sexiest girl on this planet for few years and then marry the most beautiful girl! Every other guy will envy me but nobody will ever give that ‘male gaze’ on her rather they all will respect her. My girlfriend will never bother if I forget her birthday or any other weird anniversary. She will do everything I would tell her to do but wont expect the same in return. I have a dream that no girlfriend or wife will consider it as cheating when the guy sleeps with some other random chick. And more that that they(girlfriends or wives) will never do likewise. (Though I’m not sure if no girl is doing so then where will these random chicks will come from?) All my children will be as cute as the poster kids. And they will never start crying in the middle of the night or pee on my lap or any other body part.

I have a dream that someday I will have a study room full of books upto the ceiling. Have a automated easy chair and a book holder attached with it. Such that I can just lie on the chair and read book without holding them. I will also have a selectively permeable door which will only allow them inside my room whom I want to meet at that time of the day. I would have an intelligent home theater which will adjust its acoustic sweet-spot according to my location and will play the perfect song according to my mood- all automatically.

I have a dream that I will travel to all the beautiful places on this earth. From Machu Picchu to Mesa Verde. I would have all the power, ability and enthusiasm to live like a cowboy (like Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) for a year then be an astronaut for a year and take a trip to the space (may be Mars) then live like an Arab Sheikh for a year then like a Bollywood Super-star then Hollywood Mega-star… you get my point.

We all have to work hard for our dreams. I will too. So friends I have decided to sleep till the day I see all these in my dreams.

Thank you.


14 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. KirtiB says:

    What a dream,won’t say it’s better than Rahul’s but makes sense.
    p.s. I just want a magic pencil with voice control so that nything i draw using it will turn into reality of course only when i order it to 😛

  2. The food and the “practical” sex education part was scandalously funny!
    where you talk about your wife and the girls on your life..thodu pissed me off 😛 alright I sound so feminist..then what?!
    Heart your blog and am following it right away! 🙂

  3. Interesting dreams, especially the ‘selectively permeable door’ But those outlined in the fourth para is (yawn) such a common dream of every man on earth, in fact so pedestrian a dream that it does not merit a place in such a post. Lol.

  4. That isn’t a dream Ninja. Thats a frigging wishlist.

    But Practical Sex Education is a reality. How else do you explain Savita Bhabhi and Tera Patrick? Just that it isn’t that popular a field. Frankly, you need a lot of God gifted talent. It is easier becoming an engineer or a doctor. 😀

    And I am totally with you on a Selectively Permeable Door.

    Dream on Ninja!

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