1st p(h)art…

I always feel like writing blog, every other day my mind thinks of the Best Blog Title .com and a whole new genre of ‘very less/never discussed topic of blogging’. But the moment I sit to write something- nothing seems to be the perfect first entry. 😦

I keep reading RSS of ‘how to write your blog?’ to ’15 ways to keep getting traffic to your blog’… but it still doesn’t help. ftw! I am here at last writing my 1st post and now I don’t give a damn ’bout how it turns out. whether its catchy enough or not? whether the title says it all but hides enough to maintain interest? I really don give a fuck! You know something- you can be a lot more creative than usual, once you can come out of ‘what will others think?’ stigma. Atleast thats what i’m feeling right now and see here is my 1st blog entry in progress… 😉

Okey, now let me tell you why it is so difficult to write your first blog post. [ Hey this is a nice idea- i can keep blogging about ‘How to write blog post TUTORIAL’ and my every nth post on the blog will be on ‘How to write nth post’ 😉 ] To begin with-

  • Your blog denotes your personality. Readers will judge you by your contents not by your face. Its a wonderful opportunity to get that feeling of ‘I am worth something’ even if you are really ugly looking. 😛 Who knows- one day your blog might become your soul source of zeal for survival!!!
  • Once you pick up your pace on blogsphare- now you are ready to put AdSense and earn some serious moolah!!! Congratulations! Now you are a successful Ugly Slut who uses her only ‘less ugly’ attribute to earn money!!! chi…
  • Just think of the similarities between starting a blog and prostitution.
    1. in both cases you try to attract passers-by.
    2. you keep thinking- “how could I entertain my viewers more” !
    3. you try to make individual contacts so that you can get regular visitors.
    4. communication skill is one of the main reason behind your success.
    5. you try to keep track of your daily ‘number of visitors’.
    6. you always try to appeal to a broader audience. you use such themes that are viewable in most scenarios.
    7. your main aim is to earn loads of money in the process of entertaining others and getting accolades in return. Much like movie stars!!!

Ta Da. I am done writing my 1st post. 😛


6 thoughts on “1st p(h)art…

  1. Welcome to the brothosphere..err. I mean blogosphere… 😛 Frankly if you think that you can phart and make money, then you might be wrong you know. Ask me, my blog earnings in two years have been 3$, can’t even buy good undergarments with that. 😀

    And to become a famous prostitute, movie star and blogger, you need both talent and sucking skills.. 😛

    Nice observations though.. waiting for more stuff to smell around..

    Cheers! \m/


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